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With the following applications, we will record screen and make a video tutorial in a matter of minutes, edit it from the app itself or video editors, and share it with friends or on the Internet on your Twitch or YouTube channel.

Applications To Record Screen On Android Mobile:

There are too many applications for recording screen, but we will tell about that application that is best in every sector.

DU Recorder:

Record screen on video and edit the result, two in one. DU Recorder is designed to record your video games or broadcast them live on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

Its operation is effortless. It has exciting additional options, including your face taking advantage of the front camera, choosing the resolution and video quality, and recording external sound through the microphone.

As an editor, you can remove parts of the video, add an audio track, adjust the volume, change the speed or convert the video to GIF animation.

AZ Screen Recorder:

The AZ screen recorder is one of the most used applications to record screens, and the best thing about this application is it doesn’t contain any ads.

With the help of this AZ screen recorder, you have the opportunity to record the screen without any watermark, any time limit, and it also offers you the quality that you need.

It is effortless to use this application because, with the help of its recording button, you can easily record your videos and don’t need to do anything else to record your videos.

Other than this, you can also include your face at the time of recording with the help of the front camera and also have the opportunity to adjust the resolution.

The maximum resolution that you can get from this application is Full HD, if you want to do a live broadcast, then this application will provide you this opportunity also.

Mobizen Screen Recorder:

Another practical screen recorder focused on video games is Mobizen Screen Recorder, compatible with up to 1080p resolution, 12 Mbps of quality, and 60 FPS.

This application requires Android 4.4 or higher. You can record a video game, an app, or anything that appears on the screen by pressing a button.

Save the result in the phone memory or on the SD card, take the opportunity to record audio with the microphone and show your face with the front camera, etc.

In addition to recording tasks, it is possible to edit the result by removing fragments or adding static images.

Lollipop Screen Recorder:

Simple but effective. Lollipop Screen Recorder helps you record the screen, show your face simultaneously, save and share the recordings, configure a counter to record after a few seconds.

For the rest, it also allows you to record audio, choose the quality and resolution of the recording and save the video on the phone or the SD card.

Later, you can export it to other applications or publish it directly.

Lollipop Screen Recorder only offers recording functions, so if you need to edit the video, we will have to go to another app.

ADV Screen Recorder:

This application has the necessary options and is entirely free.

ADV not only allows you to record the screen, but you can also activate the front or rear camera while recording, ideal for tutorial videos.

Another option that this application also has is that you can add text, images, and drawings.

If you are a beginner in this, it is the best application for you because it comes with a user-friendly interface. Which means you can easily record your videos.

Game Screen Recorder:

Although the name makes us think that it only serves to record games, it also helps record the desktop or any other application.

This application identifies the other applications you have installed to start recording faster and gives different options to record the screen.

In addition to additional options, you can add a prologue to your video and cancel the video by sliding the notification bar.

Screen Recorder NLL:

It is one of the best screen recorders for Android because it does not need root Android 5.0. But if you have a smartphone with Android 4.4 and lower then, it requires to root.

The main feature of this application is that it contains the option to mark the point where you touch your phone’s screen, and with the help of shaking your phone.

Other than this, it doesn’t have a screen recording limit, but the only drawback is if you want to record the audio from the microphone, then in this situation, you have to buy its pro version.


I hope you know very well that which screen recorder is best for Android; now try them and start recording your videos.

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